Below is the tentative list of workshops for the 2018 conference. Workshop descriptions will be available in early January.

See the 2017 workshop handouts.



  • Advancing Seat Belt Safety Culture
  • Strategies for a Successful Occupant Protection Program
  • Nighttime Seat Belt Enforcement Strategies
  • Exploring Occupant Protection in Rural Areas
  • Automated Vehicle Technologies – The Here & Now
  • Belts, Speeding & Distraction – How Can Vehicle Technologies Help?
  • Driver Distraction – It Can Happen Inside Patrol Vehicles, too
  • Roundtables – Real World Solutions Addressing Older Drivers
  • Working Together to Understand Conditions That Affect Aging Drivers
  • Transportation, Aging & At-risk Drivers: Using Collaboration to Improve Safety & Mobility
  • Older Drivers: Do We Have All the Pieces?
  • Beyond “Just Say No”: Crafting Drugged Driving Campaigns
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Building Partnerships
  • Virtual Community Policing: Law Enforcement & Social Media
  • Moving from Awareness to Action: Innovative Campaigns
  • Messaging in a New Era
  • Communicating Effectively with Diverse Communities
  • After the Conviction: Using Evidence-based Practices to Reduce Recidivism of High Risk Drunk Drivers
  • Anticipating & Combating Defenses Related to Marijuana Impairment
  • Calibre Press TNT: Tactics in Traffic – Smarter, Safer, More Successful Traffic Stops
  • Crashes, Social Harm & the Data Driven Approaches to Crime & Traffic Safety Model
  • DUI Silver Bullets
  • Operation Southern Shield: Multi-state, Agency & Jurisdictional Effort to Combating Rising Fatalities
  • Road Safety
  • Overview of the Law Enforcement Partnership Forums
  • Clearing the Haze! Drug Indicators, Impairment & Concealment with the Drug-impaired
  • Concentrates, Waxes, Oils & Trends
  • Cell Phones, Dopamine & Driving
  • Evidence Based Strategies to Reduce Distracted Driving
  • Legislative Advances 2017
  • A Snapshot of Effective Enforcement Efforts
  • Community Mobilization to Combat Distracted Driving
  • The Leaders of Tomorrow: Teen Change Makers
  • Maintaining Attention to the Road: The Latest Research in Efforts to Limit In-vehicle Distractions
  • Managing Risk in the Workplace
  • Achieving Zero: A Timeline for Success
  • EMS: Setting the Scene for Saving Lives
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Where Are the Blind Spots?
  • Fast & Furious Won’t Get Us to Zero
  • Asleep at the Wheel
  • .05 – New Solution to an Old Problem
  • Traffic Safety from a Public Health Perspective
  • Autonomous Trucks: Moving into the Future
  • Wrong-way Driving: Why Does It Even Happen?
  • A Happy Hour: Discovering New Traffic Safety Research
  • Impaired Driving Enforcement Saves Lives: Be Your Department’s Leader
  • Drugged Driving Update From the States
  • How to Build Rideshare Programs in Suburban & Rural Areas
  • Best Practices for Setting up E-warrant Systems for DUI & DUID Enforcement
  • Ignition Interlocks: What’s New?
  • Victim Impact Panel
  • How to Address Repeat DUI’;s
  • Accelerating Progress to Reduce Alcohol-impaired Driving Fatalities
  • Interlock Training & Technical Assistance
  • Strengthening State Systems
  • Recreating the Unknown, Major Crash Investigation & Reconstruction
  • Comprehensive Motorcycle Safety Programs – How Does Your State’s Program Compare?
  • Using Media to Help Meet Your Motorcycle Safety Goals
  • What We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Before – The Latest in Motorcycle Research
  • Deliver Safety Messages that Resonate with Motorcyclist & Non-Motorcycling Target Audiences & Get Results
  • CPS & Vehicle Manufacturers Latest Technology: Round 1
  • CPS & Vehicle Manufacturers Latest Technology: Round 2
  • School Bus Transportation – Times Are Changing
  • Forgetting Children in Cars: Why Does It Happen?
  • Tethers: What’s Holding You Back?
  • You Don’t Need a PhD to Evaluate Your Program!
  • Leveraging Atypical Partnerships to Expand & Promote CPS Programming
  • CPS Makes Strange but Beneficial Bedfellows/Going Outside the Nine Dots & Coming Back Successful!
  • Understand the Risks of Vacation Travel & Educate Parents Before They Hit the Road.
  • Car Seat Instructions, Laws, Best Practices, Oh My!
  • Techno? Tech – YES!
  • Use Data to Raise Awareness on Non-traffic Injury & Fatal Events
  • Pedestrian Tour of San Antonio
  • Vision Zero: Moving from Vision to Action
  • Getting to Action: Building Public & Political Support That Will Save Lives
  • Cops in the Crosswalk
  • Distracted Walking: How Do We Bring Attention to an Issue With so Many Distractions
  • Technology – Does It Help Prevent or Cause Bike & Pedestrian Injuries?
  • Identifying & Addressing Bicyclist & Pedestrian Safety Problems
  • Protecting Children on Their Way to School: Safe & Healthy Mobility


  • Distracted Driving Among Teens, Latest Data & Solutions
  • Are They Really Ready for a Driver License?
  • The Power of Parental Involvement: Evaluated Community Implementation
  • Teen Risk Factors: Sleepy, Speeding & Not Using Seat Belts
  • County Road, Take Me Home: How to Address Rural Driving Risks for Teens
  • Brag, Borrow, Steal: Community Partnerships Addressing Teen Traffic Safety
  • The Latest Buzz on Teen Impaired Driving Trends & Programs
  • Protecting Young Drivers: The Latest Developments in Legislation and Where We Go From Here