Moderator/Speaker Registration Fee
Moderators/speakers must register for the conference in order for us to have your contact information for the program, and accurate registration numbers for food functions and conference supplies. Registering before the conference also helps expedite your check-in process when picking up your badge and materials. Registration options are:

One-Day Registration: The registration fee is waived if you attend Lifesavers for one day only–the day of your session. Lifesavers will provide you with a name badge and your meals for that one day. When you complete the registration form, check Moderator/ Speaker (one day, day of presentation) and put $0 in the total amount due.
Multi-Day Registration: If you will be attending Lifesavers for more than one day, we ask that you register at the Moderator/Speaker Rate of $350.

Register for the 2018 conference here

Meeting Room Setup and Audiovisual Equipment
All meeting rooms will be theater-style seating and set with head table, podium, a wired podium microphone, one wireless handheld microphone, LCD projector with VGA cable, screen, laptop, sound for laptop presentation, and clicker.

If you need additional equipment beyond what is listed above, notify your workshop moderator no later than March 30, 2018.  Moderators will receive an email request from Tracy McClure (Lifesavers moderator/speaker coordinator) to enter additional A/V needs in the Lifesavers Speaker Database.
Lifesavers does provide most audiovisual equipment requested, but some equipment may be cost prohibitive. In this case, we will contact you to discuss alternative equipment.

Financial Assistance
The Lifesavers Conference is a non-profit program funded through sponsorships, registrations and exhibit fees. The goal is to provide a quality conference to the largest possible audience while keeping the registration and exhibit fees as low as possible. This is possible because moderators/speakers are asked to bear the cost of their registration fee and travel expenses. However, Lifesavers offers financial assistance to a limited number of moderators/speakers from non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, or government agencies who demonstrate financial need. Financial aid is provided to help defray the cost of the conference registration fee and hotel/travel expenses. To apply, click on the link to the form below.


If approved for financial aid, you’ll receive a check to apply to your registration, travel and/or hotel expenses. The average financial aid awarded in 2017 was $800.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Speakers who are state employees or a recipient of state funding must alert their state highway safety office that they are participating in the conference and ask them if funding is available before applying for aid.
  • Speakers from non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and government agencies may apply.
  • Priority will be given to moderators/speakers who have not previously received aid.
  • Exhibitors are not eligible for financial assistance.
  • Aid is non-transferable.
  • All applications must be received on or before April 13, 2018. No applications will be considered after that date.
  • You must stay at one of the conference hotels under the Lifesavers room block.
  • You must register for the conference. The registration fee is waived if you attend Lifesavers only on the day of your workshop. A multi-day, moderator/speaker registration rate of $350 is available.

Travel/Hotel Reservations
For hotel reservations, click HERE. You are responsible for making your own hotel and travel reservations.

Lifesavers will NOT print workshop handouts to distribute during the conference, rather we post them on this website and the mobile app prior to the conference so attendees may print those they are interested in.

  • Evaluations from participants strongly indicate that handouts are a priority, so we ask that you submit your presentation as soon as possible for posting. Deadline for submitting handouts is April 6, 2018. Those received after April 6, 2018 will be posted after the conference.
  • Where to send your handouts: You will receive an email request from Tracy McClure (Lifesavers moderator/speaker coordinator) to upload your presentation to the Lifesavers Speaker Database.
  • Guidelines for posting (deadline April 6, 2018):
    • Include the workshop title and your contact information on the first page of your handout so attendees can keep track of which workshop the handout is for.
    • File Type: Convert your PowerPoint to a PDF with one slide/page for the mobile app.  If you cannot convert your PowerPoint, you can send to us and we will convert for you.
    • File size must be no larger than 8MB. Larger sized files may make it difficult for attendees to download. You may have to adapt your on-site presentation to reduce size (remove photos, videos, etc.).
    • For additional tips in preparing your handout, click HERE.
    • The Lifesavers Conference will not post (or distribute onsite) any promotional/sales material such as brochures or DVDs.
  • Guidelines for your presentation at the conference:
    • Include the workshop title and your contact information on your first PowerPoint slide.
    • Audio and Video: If your presentation includes sound effects, video clips or other forms of multimedia, you must bring these separate files onsite along with your PowerPoint. They are linked to your PowerPoint (vs. being embedded) so they must be loaded on the computer you’re using onsite in order to be pulled into your presentation.
    • Don’t rely on your PowerPoint slides. Your slides are designed to help guide your audience while you speak and should include just high-level bullet points. We recommend the 6 x 6 rule: 6 words per line, 6 lines per screen.
    • Graphs are easier to project and read than tables.
    • Use upper and lower case letters in text.
  • Disclaimer: By submitting your handouts to the Lifesavers website and mobile app, you agree to have your materials downloaded, printed and/or copied by Lifesavers and website users. Lifesavers Conference, Inc., and Meetings Management, Inc., are not responsible or liable for use or misuse of materials posted on the Lifesavers website or mobile app.