All conference activities are at the Charlotte Convention Center • Charlotte, NC • March 26-28, 2017

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The list of over 80 workshops being offered at the 2017 Charlotte Conference is below.

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Adult Occupant Protection/Vehicle Technology


  • Driver Assistance Technologies: What Are They & Will They Help Me Be a Safer Driver?
  • Automated Vehicles & Their Impact on Occupant Protection
  • Proven Strategies for Targeting High Risk Populations
  • New Tactics for Compelling Hardliners to Buckle Up
  • Best Practices to Bolster Seat Belt Education & Enforcement



  • Social Media Part 1: Getting Started
  • Social Media Part 2: Taking Your Program to the Next Level
  • Building Innovative Safety Campaigns That Capture Attention
  • Leveraging Partnerships to Expand Impact & Reach
  • Overcoming Misconceptions & Preconceptions About Law Enforcement with the Public & Juries
  • Tips & Tactics for Engaging Millennials & “Generation Z”
  • Marketing on a Shoestring: Resources That Won’t Break the Bank

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement


  • Do You See It? Staying Ahead of Changing Drug Trends
  • DUI Silver Bullets That Really Work to Win Cases!
  • Leveraging the Latest Research to Prevent Line of Duty Deaths
  • The Secret to Developing an Effective Sobriety Court
  • Understanding & Safely Dealing with the Sovereign Citizen Movement
  • Higher, Higher, Higher: The 101 On Concentrates, Waxes & Drug Based Vapes
  • Partners In Justice: Prosecutors, Law Enforcement & Results Oriented Testimony
  • Marijuana: Legal History, Neuroscience, Toxicology & Demystifying the DRE
  • Impact of Body-Worn Cameras in Traffic Safety

Distracted Driving


  • Capitalizing on New Research to Bolster Your Distracted Driving Efforts
  • Employer & Municipal Policies & Practices That Work
  • Strategies for Helping Emergency Responders Minimize Distractions behind the Wheel
  • Leveraging Research & Evaluation to Develop Effective Distracted Driving Campaigns
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted: Turning Passengers into Advocates for Distraction-Free Driving
  • Using Training to Increase Officer Buy-in & Enforcement of Distracted Driving Laws
  • Taking Action to End Distraction
  • Teens & Situational Awareness: Training Drivers to Recognize the Dangers of Distraction

Impaired Driving


  • Tools for Addressing Repeat DUI Offenders
  • Ignition Interlocks: A Proven Technology for Stopping Drunk Drivers
  • New Approaches for Combatting Impaired Driving
  • Leveraging the Latest Research to Combat Drugged Driving
  • Technology to Eliminate Drunk Driving Is Closer Than You Think
  • Experiencing the Life-changing Effect of a Victim Impact Panel, Part 1
  • How to Effectively Partner with Victim & Survivor Advocates, Victim Impact Panel Part 2
  • Understanding & Overcoming Impaired Driving Challenges Facing Law Enforcement
  • Oral Fluid Testing: A Game Changer for Detecting Drug-Impaired Drivers?
  • What Happens When You Drive Impaired by Alcohol or Other Drugs?
  • Implementation & Use of E-Warrant Systems in Impaired Driving Cases

Motorcycle Safety


  • Using New Research to Understand & Address Motorcyclist Behavior, Attitudes & Crashes
  • Motor Officers: Bridging the Gap between Enthusiasts & Enforcers
  • Effectively Communicating Motorcycle Safety Messages

Occupant Protection for Children


  • CPS & Vehicle Manufacturers Latest Technology: Part 1 (1.5 CEUs)
  • CPS & Vehicle Manufacturers Latest Technology: Part 2 (1.5 CEUs)
  • Expanding Technician Skills: Special Needs Transport In-service for OT/PT & Hospital Personnel
  • Why Aren’t There Seat Belts on School Buses? What Does the Research Tell Us? (1 CEU)
  • How to Use Checklist Forms to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line
  • CPS Fellowship! Bringing Diverse Partners to the Table
  • Cops & Car Seats: Protecting & Serving the Smallest Passengers
  • No Left Turns: On the Road to Booster Seat Education
  • Planting Seeds: How to Cultivate Empathy When Working with Families in Poverty
  • Thank You for Calling Tech Support, We Can Help You Sustain Your Technician Pool
  • Unattended Is Unacceptable, New Technological Advancements to Keep Kids Safe
  • Take a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes at Britax! (off-site – 1.5 CEUs)

Older Drivers


  • Putting Assistive Technology to Work for Older Drivers
  • The New Driving Impairment: Understanding & Compensating for the Conditions That Affect Aging Drivers
  • Safe at Every Age: Driving Longer Safely
  • Transportation & Aging: What Community Stakeholders Need to Know

Other Highway Safety Priorities


  • Poster Dash
  • We Know the Problem But How Do We Fix It? Overcoming Wrong-way Crashes
  • Many Names, One Goal: Toward Zero Deaths
  • A Critical Impasse: Overnight Delivery Demands Soar, Aging Infrastructure Crumbles, Roadway Fatalities Rise, What’s the Solution?
  • Who You Gonna Call? Emergency Medical Services, That’s Who
  • What Happens When the Driver Is a Robot? Autonomous Vehicles, Human Behavior & Safety
  • A Public Health Perspective on Preventing Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths
  • Toward Zero Deaths: Beyond Campaign Slogans to Action on the Ground
  • Community-Based Transportation Safety Initiatives from Cradle to Grave

Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety


  • Bicycle Safety Laws: The View from behind the Handlebars
  • Forward to the Future: Technologies for Safer Walking & Biking
  • It Takes a Community to Make Walking & Biking Safe
  • Let’s Share! Changing Roadway User Behavior through Engineering
  • Planning for Change: Initiatives & Campaigns to Improve Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
  • Saving Lives & Engaging the Public through Pedestrian Enforcement
  • Walking Tour of Charlotte (off-site)

Teen Traffic Safety


  • Leveraging the Youth Voice to Promote Teen Traffic Safety
  • Now Trending: A Fresh Look at Driver Ed
  • Tools & Tactics to Help Novice Drivers with Special Challenges
  • Out of Bounds: Older Novice Drivers’ Crash Risk & Solutions
  • Light the Fire: How to Reach & Engage Parents of Novice Drivers
  • The Night Is Dark & Full of Terrors: Teens & Nighttime Driving Risks
  • Fine-Tuning Your Message to Get Action on Young Driver Safety Policies
  • Brag, Borrow or Steal: Community Partnerships That Work